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 Camila Restrepo is the Criminal Paralegal for Kyle Dobbins. She started at the firm as the receptionist, while completing her bachelor's degree in criminal justice at Georgia State University.  Once she graduated, she transitioned into a criminal paralegal position. Over the years, Camila has gained experience in criminal defense and continues to do so. Her fluency in Spanish and English is an asset to further helping the firm’s clients.


Criminal Justice was not Camila’s first career path; she started her undergraduate journey in pursuit of a Nursing degree. Helping people was something Camila always wanted to achieve. While studying to become a nurse, she started a part time job with the firm formally known as, Drake and Estes LLC. During this time, Camila began to grow an interest in criminal defense. After some time, she decided to change her career path and pursue Criminal Justice. She found a passion, and a way to help others.


Outside of work, Camila loves spending time with her family, traveling, attending concerts, and working out. 


Camila Restrepo


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